Friday, May 22, 2009

Learning to Play

What's this? A  new blog? Yup, it sure looks that way. 

I've decided to see what happens if I split my blogging life into two pieces: first, keep my existing blog, Trusting Delight, for eclectic thoughts, images and artwork, much as it is right now. 

Second, make this new blog, Learning to Play, a place where I attempt a more single-focused blog about playfulness and creativity as elements of a more satisfying and more joyful life. We'll see how it goes.

I hope that "Learning to Play" is a theme broad enough to embrace all kinds of things (and of course since I'm the blogger, I get to decide!) while also challenging me to develop this one thread from a number of angles and through different situations over time. Since art is one of my primary forms of playfulness, it's likely that images of artwork will find themselves here, as well. 

As I start this new blog, I am laying down a few, and only a few, rules for myself. After all, the blog's description reads: "Fewer rules. More fun. Happier Life."

1. Tell the truth. 

Be as gutsy and honest as possible, while of course respecting the feelings of others, or at least trying to steer clear of legal questions of libel!

2. Be playful about it. 

I seem to do my best writing and my best painting/drawing/collaging when I stay in touch with a playful and curious spirit. (Maybe another way to say this is: don't take yourself too seriously.)

Which leads to:

3. Don't push too hard.

When not enjoying the process, stop and do something else: take a walk, drink a glass of water, stand on my head (I can't do that very well, at least not yet, but I can at least bend over and look at the world upside-down), or do something my mother wouldn't approve of.

That should be enough rules to get me started. 


  1. How wonderful Sukie. I love it. Do cartwheels, swing on the tire us how to play dear woman!

  2. I think if you wear your zebra-striped leggings while blogging, it will help....

  3. Great ideas, Jenny and Derby! Thanks for commenting so right away!!