Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Not Two Blogs

OK, so I tried two blogs for a while, and guess what? It doesn't really work for me right now. 

At least not these two blogs. (I do have an idea of one that might be distinct and different enough to work for me.)

So for the time being, and for reasons that I describe more fully in my most recent post (that I hope you will read) on Trusting Delight, I am going to pretend for a while that this blog doesn't exist. The reasons relate to that Rule #1 of my first post, the one that said: Tell the truth. Be as gutsy and honest as possible.

It's possible that a clear reason for this blog will emerge some day, and it will be great that it already exists. But until that time, Learning to Play is joining Trusting Delight. 

If you've read my few posts on Learning to Play, I do thank you! And I invite you to keep reading Trusting Delight and to send it to friends, cousins, and anyone else you think might enjoy it. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. sukie,
    I have been following a blog that you may enjoy. It is www.Grittyjane.com/blog/ .
    Jane paints angels and abstract art and is also struggling to fine her way though art.
    There is a recent post on her blog from Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love"
    Elizabeth gives a 20 minute talk (on utube) about the creative process and how to approach it.
    It is a very thoughtful and protective way to look at creativity. I enjoyed the talk I hope you do too. btw - I shared the Carol Bass work shop with you. Cheers! Evelyn